Heyoo xo` What did you think of when you saw this title? Maybe pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch uttering his best-man speech flashed through your mind. For the oldest amongst us, possibly you imagined Christopher Lee exhibiting the legendary Deerstalker hat.  Or perhaps you suddenly envision Robert Downey Jr. dashing through the shadowy London streets. With […]

Giving is all it Takes

Heyoo xo` How about trying to express your creativity while helping those in need? It’s a win, win situation. You can ‘help save lives, and change the world’ – through several fun, imaginative ways. You could organise one of these fundraisers: …-A-thon Tournaments Talent Show Money Jars Dinner Party Bake Sale Games Fair Doughnut Selling Garage […]

Tick Tock Clock

Heyoo xo` Today, I forgot to put on my watch. So, throughout the day – you would find me searching blankly around the room for some indicator of the time. Which is when i realised that i don’t have a (functioning) clock in my room. Honest. So, in school, we are making Acrylic Clocks, and […]

Quiz Time!

Heyoo xo` I thought i’d put together something fun for you to try. Be creative and write your own silly quiz! Silly General Knowledge Quiz How long did the hundred years war last? *100 years. *116 years. Which country makes Panama hats? *Panama *Ecuador  From which animal do we get catgut? *Cats *Sheep and horses […]


Heyoo xo` I loooooove stationery. No, not stationAry (keeping still). I definitely don’t like keeping still! I mean pens and notepads and erasers and sharpeners and pencils and pastels and paints and highlighters and glue sticks and scissors and paper clips and all those lovely little things. This post isn’t really about a way of […]


Heyoo xo` Nutella.   Every chocolate lover’s dream. A jar of creamy, nutty, sweet, yummy deliciousness. But, other than other than putting it on your toast, which is a great breakfast treat in itself… What else can you do with Nutella? For a lighter dose of chocolate, try making a Nutella crepe. The Parisian creation […]

Write Your Heart Away

Heyoo xo` Sometimes, I express my creativity by putting myself into someone else’s shoes. Then I write. I write my heart away. I write about whatever I’m feeling. Try it. Heard of the book The Curious Incident of the Dog In The Night-Time? It’s an absolutely outstanding book – interesting and engaging for both teenagers […]

Sri Lanka

Heyoo xo` Last winter, I visited Sri Lanka for four lovely days. We started in Colombo, which you don’t need much time for. A day or two should be enough to visit historical sites. Then we went to Bentota, a small village between the beach and the banks of a river. It was great for […]