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I loooooove stationery. No, not stationAry (keeping still). I definitely don’t like keeping still!

I mean pens and notepads and erasers and sharpeners and pencils and pastels and paints and highlighters and glue sticks and scissors and paper clips and all those lovely little things.


This post isn’t really about a way of expressing creativity. Its about HOW to express creativity. And to do that – you generally need stationery. See? It’s useful! 🙂

First lets talk about pens and markers. My 3 favorite brands are:


1. Sharpies – From the classic on the right, to the minis, and super thin tips, sharpies have every type of permanent marker out there. But what’s so special about them? Sharpies are yearned for by everyone. They’re the new stationery trend.Why?

Maybe because of the fact that you can do anything with them…

You could doodle on your car.

You could make your own “wallpaper’.

You could stylize a t-shirt.

You could design your own iPhone case.

You could create a stained glass window.

You could draw on fruits and make “Annoying Orange”.

You could transform your mousepad.

The possibilities are endless.


Because Sharpies are completely. Utterly. PERMANENT.

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 11.24.31

But Sharpie’s best creation by far must be the Sharpie Gel Highlighter, a stick of fluorescent gel that works on any type of paper, doesn’t smear, won’t bleed through paper and won’t dry out if left uncapped.

It’s absolutely to die for – perfect for highlighting, doodling and drawing.

And it’s so fun to use! Like a giant waxed crayon, it smoothly glides across your paper, leaving a neon trail of marks.


2. FriXion by Pilot Pen – Now this one is more obvious. Everyone loves the friXion pens. Oh, and highlighters. And i know why. Because, somewhere in the amazing world of physics and forces, they discovered how to rub out (i’ll say erase for y’all americans) certain ink using friction.

So, if you spell stationary with an A, have no fear! You can just erase it out using the back of your awesome friction ball point pen and write it again. StationEry.


3. Mr. Sketch – Now these are popular with the children. Mr. Sketch was introduced in the 1970s, and are now know for their thick, chisel point tips.

Oh, and it might help that they smell.

Well, they smell great.

Because Mr. Sketch markers are scented.

Black – Black Licorice

Red – Cherry

Blue – Blueberry

Green – Mint

Pink – Melon

Purple – Grape

Turquoise – Mango

Yellow – Lemon

Orange – Orange

Brown – Cinnamon

Dark Green – Apple

Magenta – Raspberry

Peach – Peach

Petal Pink – Bubble Gum

Lavender – Cotton Candy

Sunny Yellow – Banana Split

Mint Green – Tropical Punch

Sky Blue – Blue Raspberry

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 11.25.27

4. Hamleys Magic Pens These are so cool! With Hamleys Magic pens, you can produce up to 3 colours from one pen (every kids’ dream) , you can rub out ink from anywhere (every Mum’s dream), and draw lighter colours on top of darker ones (my dream). Check it out:

Let’s move on to stationary stores and companies.

My favorite are:

1. Caran D’Ache – I’m going to explain this one with pictures. I took these in a narrow street in Geneva, Switzerland when i visited during Easter. The selection of colour pencils, pastels, watercolour paints and sketch pens was amazing. Caran D’Ache tips has a beautiful soft edge to it, which is what gives it the special touch.





2. Staples – Staples is the all-american stationary brand. Each shop itself is generally huge, and you can find anything!

The difference is, that smaller stationery shops gave a warmer, more hand-made vibe that I love, whereas Staples products can come across as factory manufactured.


3. Lamy – Before vsiting Switzerland, i had never heard of this brand. But the minute i walked, i fell in love with the canvas textures, and solid colours the shop glowed in.


I just adore these colour pencils. They are soooo cute and bold!Image


4. Knock Knock Stuff. Their slogan is – ‘We put the fun in functional’.That’s exactly what stationery is and should be for me, which is why i love ‘Knock Knock Stuff’! The witty, but useful notepads are so pleasing to the eye.

To give you an idea…

I have 3 ‘Knock Knock Stuff’ notepads, which i use all the time:Image

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 10.57.47

(I am sooo bad at making decisions. It took me 7 and a half minutes to decide whether i should mention this or not!)

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 10.56.09

And other than notepads, ‘Knock Knock Stuff’ also sells handy desk accessories, organisers, gifts, journals and sticky notes.

What’s your favourite type and brand of stationery?



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