Heyoo xo`

Today, i looked for inspiration in the magical world of bubbles.

Try to show creativity by writing your own poem!


Inflated by a soft whisper of breeze,

A gentle breath gives birth to another gem of wonder…

A kaleidoscope of shiny colours,

Twisting and turning,

Meandering through the pleasure,

A bubble.

A misty crystal ball,

Mirroring, reflecting, shimmering, glimmering

Discovering secrets,

Seeking the future,

Remembering the past,

The bubble.

Symbolizing unity, laughter and friendship,

Although different shapes and sizes,

All together as one

Dreams of beautiful fragility

That captivate a sense of wonder.

The bubbles.

Up and away it goes,

Light and carefree,

Dancing in the air,

A creation of never ending joy…


My bubble,


What do you think?



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